Extends root systems

Extends root systems for maximum nutrient and moisture use.

  • Fast acting, high concentration of Mycorrhizae, easy to use via irrigation.
  • Once colonised, the plants are able to uptake nutrients and water more effectively so the final production and quality are improved noticeably.

Why Mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae are so important to plants that they secrete carbohydrates to feed them.
Mycorrhizae are ubiquitous beneficial fungi that live in the soil. They increase plant productivity – yield and growth.
Greater access to nutrients & water
For every cm of root, around 3 m of fungus structures emerge which enables the plant to access nutrients and water from areas the root itself could not reach.
Increased tolerance to environmental stresses
Mycorrhizae trigger changes in the antioxidant and osmolyte metabolisms of plants that ameliorate the negative effects of stresses.

  • Improved drought tolerance as vesicles are created, storing water until needed by the plant
  • Inhibit translocation of toxic ions such as Na

Eliminated in cultivated soils
Plants depend on mycorrhizae which are eliminated in cultivated and fumigated soils so must be replenished.
Mycorrhizae deplete quickly without living plants as a host.

Recent  SFS webinar discussing why Mycorrhizae are so important to plants for nutrient and water uptake.






Mycogel – fast acting
Liquid contains germinated mycorrhizae, hyphae and secondary metabolites for immediate colonisation plus slower acting spores. This means plants have better access to nutrients within 2 weeks which is critical at planting. Competitors contain spores that take 2 weeks longer to germinate.
Higher concentration +purity guaranteed:
50,000,000 ufc/L compared to 500,000 ufc/L in competitor products.

Produced in sterile laboratory conditions using patented process that guarantees purity.
Mycogel also contains hyphae, germinated myccorhizae and secondary metabolites to act immediately.


Make 1 application at the beginning of the crop cycle.
Avoid chemical fertilization within 2 weeks after MYCOGEL inoculation. If it is not possible, reduce recommended rate to 40% and avoid the application of phosphorus.
Try reaching young roots, it is recommended to make the application during seedling stage, 7 • 10 days after transplant. In the case of adult plants, apply on the area where the younger roots are located.
Make sure that the irrigation systems do not contain fertilizer, fungicide, or pesticide remains.
MYCOGEL is compatible with the Propamocarb, Metalaxyl, Hymexazol, and Phosetyl-AI fungicides. In the case of applying other fungicides, contact our Technical Department.
Once opened, keep cool and use within three days.