Vitazyme ST

More Vigorous  Seedlings

More vigorous  seedlings

Results – Better root  growth

Savings – low cost way to naturally enhance vegetable production.

How it Works – Activates plant metabolism and root zone microbial activity.

Effective – Local and international research.

The main compounds in Vitazyme are brassinosteroids, triacontanol, glycosides & B vitamins.

Brassinosteriods are a group of natural plant compounds that are important for a broad range
of plant processes, including stem elongation, photosynthesis, ethylene biosynthesis, proton pump activity, xylem differentiation, and gene expression.
Triacontanol – well researched nano-compound active at extremely low concentrations to increase photosynthesis, thereby enhancing crop performance.
Vitazyme ST has multiple actives and multiple modes of action which means it is more likely to respond to the ever-changing environmental stresses that are agriculture.

Application Guide

Target application rate is 100-200ml/ha of seed.
Seed size and seeding rate per ha influence final Vitazyme ST application rates per kg of seed.
Vitazyme ST can be applied as a concentrate or diluted with water to allow even coverage of seed.

Crop Rate
Barley 1.0 – 2.5L/tonne
Beans 1.5-3ml/kg
Canola 40-80ml/kg
Carrots 40-80ml/kg
Corn/Maize 5-20ml/kg
Cotton 10-20ml/kg
Lupins 1.0 – 2.5L/tonne
Melon 50-100ml/kg
Oats 1.0 – 2.5L/tonne
Onions 50-100ml/kg
Rice 1.0 – 2.5L/tonne
Sorghum 12.5-25ml/kg
Soybeans 1.5-3L/tonne
Spinach 6.5-12.5ml/kg
Wheat 1.0 -2.5L/tonne
Foliar Spray Rate: 500ml – 1L/ha