Humus 26 Liquid

Cost-effective active Carbon.

Humus 26 is an active carbon source.

Soil contains living organisms and along with plants needs organic matter (carbon) to thrive. Humus 26 contains humic and fulvic acid, which are the most active components of soil carbon (organic matter). Soil microbes use active carbon to provide a wealth of soil health benefits.

We recommend using Humus 26 every time you fertilise to:

  • Improve soil by holding moisture & nutrients
  • Reduces the impact of salinity
  • Promote soil biological activity
  • Improve soil structure
  • Reduce lock up of phosphorus
  • Stimulate root growth & nutrient uptake
  • Reduces drought stress
  • Suppress disease

Convenient, cost-effective way to add active carbon to your soil!

Contains 26% potassium humate (including fulvate) in an easy to use liquid formulation.

Direction For Use

Humus 26 is used in a wide range of agricultural enterprises to provide increased nutrient and moisture retention to soil. It is particularly useful in sandy soils.

Suitable for use as a soil drench, via irrigation or as a foliar spray. Applied through standard spraying and irrigation equipment.

Always dilute prior to application and test compatibility before using with other products.

Agitate drum contents before use.

Application Rates

Via irrigation – 5-10L/ha applied 3-5 times during growing season. Dilute 1:100 with water.
Foliar Spray – This product may leave a dark residue on leaf; only apply as a foliar spray if this is not an issue.
Use 2-3L/ha applied 3-4 times during growing season.

Broad-acre Crops & Pasture
Apply 2-3L/ha 1-3 times during growing season.
Dilute at least 1:100 with water.

Nitrogen Buffering – To improve N uptake & reduce leaf damage from UAN, Urea, Ammonium fertiliser;
Reducing Leaf scorch – Apply 1L/30L UAN
Boomspray mixing order – Add Water …then Humus 26 … then UAN
Mixing with UAN Concentrate: 20-30L Humus 26 per 1,000L UAN
Always add UAN to Humus 26 (add Humus 26 to container first); it is useful to pre-mix Humus 26 50:50 with water before adding to the container.

Fertiliser Coating
Apply 4-6L Humus 26 per tonne fertiliser

Typical Analysis

Total water soluble Humate & Fulvate 26.0% (with potassium)

Why Use Active Carbon Every Time You Fertilise

We recommend using Humus 26 (active carbon) every time you fertilise to:

  1. Improve the use of N in the soil or the leaf.
  2. Improve soil biological activity.
  3. Improve soil structure – essential in sandy soils.

See our Humus 26 leaflet for more details.