Liquid Potassium fertiliser 30%K

Plant available potassium

  • Improves stress tolerance
  • Improves colour, quality, yield & storage
  • Facilitates energy transfer
  • Suitable as foliar spray or via irrigation
  • For fruit, nuts, vines, vegetables & broad-acre

Organic-K is a high analysis organic potassium (30%) fertiliser for rapid uptake; also includes plant stimulants for enhanced crop performance.

Organic-K is completely soluble and plant available, delivering the required quantity of nutrients with low application rates.

Potassium is involved in numerous biochemical and physiological processes vital to plant growth, yield, quality and stress. Potassium is essential for translocation of sugars and starch formation; it is also required for leaf stomata opening/ closing, strengthens plants and improves plant resistance to drought and disease. Fruit trees and potatoes have a high potassium requirement.

In organic systems, plants frequently struggle to access sufficient soluble potassium during critical growth stages, which can result in under-developed fruit and grain and severely reduce marketable yields. Organic-K as 30% potassium citrate is a particularly effective form of potassium (Taha 2014). It is used to supplement the potassium crops obtain from the soil

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Directions For Use

Use during fruit fill, ripening and any other stages that require extra potassium.

Suitable for a wide range of crops via irrigation, soil drench and foliar spray.

Application should be avoided when crop is under stress (from any cause) or when there are extreme weather conditions such as temperatures over 28 deg C, high humidity, frost or rain.

Do not apply Organic-K if there are any residues of copper sprays on target plants.

Application Rates

Apply as required using the rate best suited to the crop and program you are incorporating this product into.

Fruit & Nut Trees: 10-15L/ha as fertigation 7-10L/ha as foliar spray
Vines: 10-20L/ha as fertigation 2-4L/ha as foliar spray (1:200 dilution)
Vegetables: 15-20L/ha as fertigation 7-10L/ha as foliar spray
Field Crops: 2-7L/ha as foliar spray Minimum dilution rate 1:100 with water.

Each farmer’s situation, processes and practices may differ, therefore necessitate corrections to ensure optimum results. Rates adjusted according to production levels. Repeat as required. Always test for compatibility and crop suitability prior to use. Seek advice for rates suited to your crop.

Typical Analysis

Potassium 30% as citrate