New Era High P

Natural Phosphorous mineral.

  • Long lasting controlled release
  • Suits low & high PRI soils
  • Prilled for ease of application
  • Low cadmium
  • Up to 80% citrate soluble
  • P – 11.2%; Ca – 21.5%

Calcium and phosphorus are not normally combined in the one fertiliser.

Inoculated with beneficial microbes to enhance phosphorus release.

Contains a wide range of trace elements , including plant available Silica.


Phosphorus availability and speed of delivery is increased through the utilization of colloidal soft rock phosphate, which is ground to a fine powder, then reconstituted into a prill inoculated with beneficial microbes designed to enhance phosphorus release and availability. This bio-active phosphate is typically not bound by high Phosphorus Retention Index soil, resulting in increased phosphorus availability. The second most deficient soil nutrient (second only to calcium). Phosphate is necessary for proper plant metabolism (energy transfer), blooming and possibly somewhat earlier maturity. Phosphorus is important in cell division and the development of new tissue. Plants deficient in P have stunted growth.


Calcium is important for soil pH, soil health and cell wall development in plants. Calcium also reduces the toxic effect from sodium and from soil borne fungi such as root rot and phytophthora.

  • Calcium is essential for proper cell wall development in plants.
  • Calcium solubility must be maintained for crop demand.
  • A soil with balanced calcium is friable and easily worked.

Many fertilisers remove calcium from the soil and can be expensive and dangerous to soil health.

Application Rates

Suitable for fruit and nut trees, vines, vegetables, row crops, tropical fruit, turf, pastures and cereals.

Apply according to crop & soil needs.

Typical Analysis

N – 0.2%
P – 11.2%
K – 1%
Ca – 21.5%
S – 1.6%
Mg – 0.76%
Fe – 1.8%
Zn – 0.06%
Mn – 0.18%
Si – 23%