Enhance crop performance to improve yield.

  • Stimulate root growth
  • Improve yield & quality

Vitazyme is the most researched bio-stimulant on the market.

  • Over 20 years of research
  • Over 500 studies
  • Ingredients – multiple active ingredients that are known and researched

Replicated trial work in Australia by Agrivision with wheat and barley produced consistent yield increases of 12%.

Trials and demonstrations throughout Australia with vegetables and fruit showed consistent yield and quality improvements.

  • Dramatically improves yields and quality by 5 – 30%
  • Reduces nitrogen fertiliser use – up to 50%
  • Convenient – mixes with chemical sprays and fertilisers and can be applied to the seed, soil or leaves at nearly every growth stage
  • Improves soil biological activity – turns each plant into a soil health factory
  • Improves root growth
  • Improves photosynthesis
  • Reduces crop stress
  • Long shelf life
  • No adverse side effects – certified organic farm input
  • Replicated trials, extensive research -500+ studies showing improved yields.