Enzymes for improved nutrient uptake

Nucleon is a liquid enzyme additive developed for use with liquid fertilisers or as a stand-alone product. Nucleon enhances the nutrient availability to soil microbes and broad nutrient acquisition by plant roots resulting in improvements in soil and plant health, growth and yield.

Nucleon is a blend of two enzymes in a concentrated liquid formulation that once soil applied, triggers literally trillions of constant catalyst reactions. The enzyme lipase converts lipids present in the soil organic matter to release bio-available nutrients and water for the plant while stimulating native microbial soil activity. The mannanase enzyme converts exudates around the outer layers of the root tip creating soil conditions ideal for plant root growth.

Nucleon is suitable for use on all horticultural crops and sugarcane, both dryland and irrigated, where liquid soil fertiliser application practices are utilised. Nucleon is well suited for use at planting and side-dressing, to enhance growth through critical growth and nutrient demand periods. Multiple applications can be used.

In summary, Nucleon provides the right amount of enzyme right where you need it and when you need it most, enhancing the utilisation of applied fertilisers while continually working and releasing nutrients from soil organic matter and residues.



Active Ingredients

  • Lipase  >750mU/ml
  • Mannanase  >350U/ml

Directions for Use

Nucleon is for soil application.
Nucleon is designed for use on all soil types.
Nucleon can be applied to dry soil if planting dry and will be available when the seed germinates.

Application Rates

Situation – Horticultural crops and sugarcane
Use Pattern – At planting, in-furrow with starter fertiliser or water (or both) for all horticultural crops.
Rate – 50-100mL/ha
Critical Comments – Apply as a total in-furrow spray volume of 30L to 140L/Ha using fertiliser and/or water carrier.
Use Pattern – Vegetative stages through dripline application with fertiliser or water (or both) for all horticultural crops.
Rates – 50-100mL/ha
Critical Comments – Dilute in sufficient application volume to apply through drip or micro- sprinkler irrigation. Apply a sufficient quantity of irrigation to extend product through the root zone.
Refer to mixing and compatibility statements for order of mixing.
Situation – Nursery application to container grown seedlings, cuttings and transplants.
Rate – 40mL/100L
Critical Comments – Sufficiently irrigate nursery stock to best allow solution to saturate the soil / substrate
Situation – For side-dressing when applied within 15cm of the plants.
Rate – 50-100mL/ha
Critical Comments – When side-dressing apply with liquid fertiliser solution in spray volume of 30L to 140L/ha.
Situation – Sugarcane, both plant and ratoon
Rate – 25mL/ha
Critical Comments – Apply at planting or on ratoon cane when stool splitting occurs to apply nutrition.