Soil Activator

Activates soil microbes

Easy to use formulation that contains multiple microbe food sources to feed beneficial microbes to boost numbers and activity – amino acids, vitamins, seaweed extracts, humus, fish & molasses.

  • Improves nutrient availability
  • Feeds soil microbes; favouring bacteria
  • Suppresses disease
  • Contains active carbon
  • Stimulates plant root growth

Note – Microbial food contained in Soil Activator is designed to promote
beneficial bacteria, the main nutrient recyclers of the soil; not plant
pathogens that feed off living plants.

Why Activate Soil Biology

Scientific trials and soil surveys show that active soil microbes are a key component to healthy soils and important to ensure your soil performs. These beneficial fungi and bacteria improve nutrient availability and protect the crop from disease. (Janvier 2007; Ratnadass 2012) We also know that as beneficial microbial populations decline, disease increases. (Geense et al 2015; Crecchio 2004; Abawi2000).

The components in Soil Activator have been proven to activate soil microbes by feeding them, favouring bacteria to fungi; to make a difference to your soil and crop. The main decomposition pathways in soil are either bacterial-based or fungal-based. Fungi and bacteria are the principle agents for the cycling of nutrients.

Plants have developed a symbiotic relationship with fungi and bacteria that is so vital to their survival that they expend 25-30% of their energy feeding soil fungi and bacteria. Declining fungi :bacteria biomass with intensive agriculture means plants are not getting the nutrients and protection they need from the soil.

A cost-effective place to start getting your soil to perform for you is by feeding fungi and bacteria to improve nutrient availability and protect the crop from disease. (Janvier 2007; Ratnadass 2012)

Application Rates

Blend up to 1L Soil Activator with 20L water.
Can be used via foliar or irrigation.
Vegetables: 5-10L/ha every 7-14 days from emergence/ transplant
Vines: 5-10L/ha monthly
Fruit & Nut Trees: 5-10L/ha monthly
Tropical Fruit: 5-10L/ha monthly
Broad-acre crops & pasture: 3-6L/ha 1-3 times during the season

Directions for Use

Add Soil Activator to spray and fertigation tank slowly with tank nearly full and maximum agitation. Blockages can occur if neat product comes into contact with filtration system. When
applying through boom spray use 120 or 200 micron mesh screen on main filter and a 50L jet. When blending with other compounds dissolve Fish Plus separately and add to tank as last ingredient. Always agitate drum contents before use.


Mixes with most agricultural chemicals and fertilisers, including sulphur and copper sprays (always test mix before use).