Fish Max

Concentrated fish hydrolysate - 7.8% N

Fish Max is a super concentrated food source for soil microbes.

• Promotes soil health
• Stimulates beneficial microbes
• Improves nutrient availability
• 4 times concentrated
• Is highly effective

Fish Max also provides a rich source of natural nutrients and amino acids that can be used to feed soil biology and plants, resulting in healthier soils and plants.
Suitable for use in vegetables, nuts, fruit trees & vines, including tropical fruit, pasture and broad-acre crops.
Ultra filtered (to 100um), with low oil content, provides easy use through sprays and drip irrigation.

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 7.8%
Phosphorus 0.4%
Potassium 2%
Calcium 0.5%

Application Rates

Blend up to 1L Fish Max with 20L water.
Can be used via foliar or irrigation.
Vegetables: 1-2.5L/ha every 7-14 days from emergence/transplant
Vines: 1-2.5L/ha monthly
Fruit & Nut Trees: 1-2.5L/ha monthly
Tropical Fruit: 1-2.5L/ha monthly
Broad-acre crops & pasture: 0.75-1.5L/ha 1-3 times during the season


Mixes with most agricultural chemicals and fertilisers (always test mix before use).

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