Liquid enzyme additive to enhance water and nutrient uptake to improve yield and soil health.

Lumen is a liquid enzyme additive developed for use with liquid fertilisers or as a stand-alone product. Lumen enhances nutrient availability to soil microbes and broad nutrient acquisition by plant roots resulting in improvements in soil and plant health, growth and yield.



Active Ingredients

  • Lipase  >750mU/ml
  • Mannanase  >350U/ml

Directions for Use

Lumen is for soil application.
Lumen is designed for use on all soil types.
Lumen can be applied to dry soil if planting dry and will be available when the seed germinates.

Application Rates

Situation – Banded or in furrow application on broadacre crops
Use Pattern – In furrow at planting, banding pre-plant , or delivery near planting bed for all broadacre or row crops
Rate – 18-16 mL/ha
Critical Comments – Apply as a total in-furrow spray volume of 30L to 140L/Ha using fertiliser and/or water carrier.
Use pattern – Fertiliser coating
Rates – 16 -24 mL/ha
Critical Comments – Spray product evenly onto granulated fertiliser and mix in an auger or other mechanical mixer.
Situation – For side-dressing when applied within 15cm of the plants.
Rate – 16 mL/ha
Critical Comments – When side-dressing apply with liquid fertiliser solution in spray volume of 30L to 140L/ha.