New Era Protein Meal

High nitrogen 13%

A high-quality blend of natural protein that provides slow release organic nitrogen.

Nitrogen is the building block of proteins, vitamins, enzymes and lipids in all plants.

New Era Protein Meal provides:

  • Slow release nitrogen
  • Feeds soil biology and plants
  • Is ideal for vegetable and fruit production
  • Is a cost-effective nitrogen source for organic growers

New Era Protein Meal supplies nitrogen primarily as protein, amino acid and ammonium. OFS Protein Meal works with soil bacteria which break it down into nitrogen components that plants can more easily absorb. Increased bacterial processes add life to your soil base, promoting increased root growth and a stronger overall root system.

Ideal for horticultural & broad-acre situations.

Use as a side-dress or pre-plant at 200kg to 1t/ha, depending on crop type & needs.

Time the use New Era Protein Meal to coincide with plant growth cycles and requirements. Confirm your crop requirements via soil & tissue analysis.

Application Rates

Use as a side-dress or pre-plant at 200kg to 1t/ha; depending on crop type & needs

Typical Analysis

N – 13%