About Sustainable Farming Solutions

 In the Business of Sustainable Agriculture for Over 20 Years

In 2018 Organic Farming Systems changed its name to Sustainable Farming Solutions.

We have been in the business of sustainable agriculture for over twenty years.

  • Farm Specific Advice - Access our network of experienced agronomists for farm-specific programs.
  • Local Supply – We have Australia-wide distribution.
  • Sustainable Farming - There is increasing pressure on chemical residues and interest in “softer” options to solve production problems. An important first step is to strengthen crops and improve soil health. Different soil types and crops require different programs to get the most from the soil and the crop.
  • Interested in Organics? - Organic produce is in demand. We have a 20-year history of supplying quality products and programs to organic growers.
  • Expertise – Our Founder, Steven David, is a University trained agronomist who has worked in the chemical industry for twelve years. Steve was national marketing manager of multi-national prior to moving into sustainable agriculture in 1995.

Sustainable Farming Solutions formerly operated as Organic Farming Solutions. We have a lot to offer conventional and organic farmers, and our new name  allows us to better represents what we are about.

Steven David Sustainable Farming Systems
Steven David, Founder
SFS Continuum