Sabel-X Hort – great results keep coming in for leafy greens

Sabel-X Hort results in 2019 and 2020 have been consistently positive. Growers are trying and then using on their whole operation because the results are so good. Sabel-X contains Endophytic Trichoderma that are effective for multiple reasons Immediate response – inoculates within 16-48 hours and starts producing metabolites. Lives between cells within the plant- not…

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Sabel-X Hort rejuvenated Avocado trees in less than 6 weeks

A big rainfall event in Queensland 2 years ago created a phytophthora infection in Sheppard Avocados. The trees had not done well since then. After the first application of Sabel-X Hort there was a significant regrowth in the affected trees. In less than 6 weeks the affected trees had regrown significant leaf and new branches…

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Sabel-X Onion Results just in

Sabel-X Hort treated onions yield 0.5T/ha more finished saleable product than control. $1250 additional income ( organic onions) per ha for $150 spent per ha on Sabel-X Hort. Peaty clay soil in Victoria. Sabel-X Hort helps with the early establishment of the crop. This farm has been organic for over 30 years and so the…

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Sabel-X – Results – switching on positive gene pathways

Over 2019 and now 2020 we have been trialing Sabel-X predominantly in Horticulture, Corn and Cereals. Grower feedback has been exceptional, with growers typically trialing and then quickly moving to using the product. Kevin Dobra from Loose Leaf Lettuce Company, “We had been losing 80% of our crop and now we’ve got losses down to…

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The Rise and Rise of the Australian Organic Market

We are currently seeing a rapid rise of interest in organic farming, particularly in fresh fruit and vegetable production. This is similar to what was seen in California twenty years ago. Large-scale conventional farmers started allocating a proportion of their land to organics so they could satisfy the market demand. They found that they could…

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Soil Health Sustainable Farming Solutions

The Conversation Turns To Soil Health and Crop Stress

Farmers have always been concerned about their soil and the longevity of their farming practices. More recently they’ve been focused on soluble crop nutrition, agricultural chemicals and crop protection. Increasingly new priorities are coming into focus. Soil health is certainly one of those emerging areas. Crop stress is another. As producers, we’ve been pretty good…

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What Is Crop Stress And Why Does It Matter?

At times through a growing season, plants, whether it be a tree, or a vegetable crop or a cereal crop, are going to come under a stress that’s primarily environmental, often heat or frost. Stress can also be caused by too much disease or too much pest attack. We refer to the collective impact of…

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