Harness the power of nature in your horticulture operations.


Harness the power of nature on your organic farm.


Harness the power of nature on your broadacre farm.

Harness the Power of Nature

Sustainably boost your crop quality, yield and profit.

The Market is Changing.

You are seeing new products for new markets. New soil health science. New data about sustainable farming. New strategies to handle crop stress, salinity and retaining soil moisture.

What approaches can you use to build crop yield, quality and profitability?

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Practical strategies that make financial sense.

You want tested products, practical approaches, experienced people and access to expert advice.

At Sustainable Farming Solutions, we've used science to inform sustainable farming for 30 years. We are committed to boosting the productivity and sustainability of  Australian farming, from conventional farms through to fully certified organic farms.

We're an Australian business, and can help you achieve a growing profitable business.

Our Products

Crop Protection

Boost your crop's natural defenses against pests and disease to increase the overall yield.

Crop Stress

Heat, cold and drought can stress crops and affect critical early plant growth.

Soil Health

Healthy soils have strong levels of active carbon and diverse, active microbe populations.


Plants thrive with optimal nutrient levels including NPK, Ca, trace elements and minerals.

Farm Type


Biological soil & crop support, full service advisory for horticulturalists.


Organic farming advice and certified organic farming inputs (NASAA, NOP).


Cost effective biological support for more productive broadacre cropping.



Resource Library - trials, research, bulletins for sustainable and organic farming.

Crop Programs

Biological and Crop Stress programs for your crops.


Australian and international trials for broadacre, horticulture and sustainable inputs.

Sustainable & Organic Farm Products

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Comprehensive Product Range

View our comprehensive range of Soil Health, Fertiliser, Crop Stress and Crop Protection products. Suitable for conventional, sustainable and certified organic farming operations.