Increases fruit size and yield

Batallon increases fruit size and evens out the size, resulting in consistent earlier harvest-able yield and reduced harvest frequency.
A prebiotic that converts poor soils to highly active soils at critical times. Works actively on soil properties by improving both nutrition and bioactivity.

Bioactive molecules
Fermentation extracts which support nitrification processes, phosphorus solubilisation, and mineralisation of potassium and trace elements.

High quality short chain fulvic acids
Enhance plant- environment communication by improving biological interactions in the soil.

Biologically fermented metabolites
Unblocks elements of the soil during unfavourable conditions such as low temperatures and extreme pH.

Organic matter and amino acids
Complexes and increases bioavailability of nutrients and improves soil structure.



Fruiting vegetables: 10-15 L/ha. Apply at least 3 times during fruit filling.
Leafy greens: 10-15L/ha. Make 2 applications 15 & 30 days after transplant.
Brassicas: 10-15 L/ha. Make 2 applications 20 & 10 days before harvest.
Cucurbits, incl Melons: 10-15 L/ha. Make at least two applications. 1st 20-30 days before harvest, and 2nd 10-15 days before harvest.
Carrots: 15 L/ha; 2 applications during carrot development.
Onions: 10-15 L/ha. Make two applications. 1st around 45 days after planting and second 15 days later.
Potatoes: 10-15L/ha. Make 2-3 applications during tuber development.
Berries: 10L/ha. Apply starting from the first fruit set and repeat at 20 days. Apply at a maximum rate when there is a high productive load.
Blueberry, raspberry, blackberry: 10L/ha. Apply at least 3 times during the fruit filling.
Strawberries: 10-15L/ha. Make at least 3 applications; 10 days interval during fruit development.
Citrus, Stone & Pome Fruit: Rate via irrigation 10-20L/ha. Make 2-4 applications from fruit setting until tender fruit. In stone fruit apply until hardening of the pit.
Olives: 10-20L/ha. Make 3 applications every 10 days, the first starting one month before harvest.
Tropical & subtropical fruit: 10-20L/ha. Make 2-4 applications from petal fall/setting until tender fruit growth.
Wine & table grapes: 10L/ha. Apply from blooming until veraison every 10-15 days\