Energise The Plant

Stronger Root Systems Build Resilience

Sustainable strategies for stronger plants.

Energise The Plant with Bio-stimulants

  • Stimulates root growth
  • Helps the crops through stress periods – heat; cold; drought; salinity


  • Super Kelp – reduces stress, stimulates root growth
  • Vitazyme – stimulates growth, yield & quality; increases energy

Super Kelp

Kelps have been used for centuries as plant stimulants with many research studies showing the key benefits as:

  • Improving root growth
  • Improving heat tolerance
  • Improving frost tolerance

Super Kelp is easy to use:

  • It has a low pH, which improves compatibly with other products – including fertilisers.
  • Finely filtered so easy to use – spray quality
  • High quality – used throughout Australia with impressive results


The most researched bio-stimulant on the market. Over 15 years and over 500 studies.

Contains powerful biological activators that enhance crop performance by stimulating chlorophyll production, providing the plant with more energy and reducing plant stress, stimulating growth & yield.

  • Contains brassinosteroids, triacontanol, glycosides & B vitamins.
  • Improves fertiliser utilisation
  • Improves root growth
  • Improves yield & quality