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Constraints In Growing Leafy Greens

Problem Solving Strategies for
Leafy Green Profitability, Quality & Yield

Leafy Green Soil Borne Disease

Fresh lettuce in a hothouse

Leafy Green Soil Borne Disease


Leafy green crops, particularly baby leaf spinach, struggle with plant survival and emergence issues in hotter months of the year.


Introduce a soil health program, which includes beneficial microbes and soil activators/enhancers to naturally suppress soil pathogens.


Sabel-X Hort
Next generation endophytic trichoderma; Consistently improves root and crop health

  • Enhanced root growth
  • More resilient roots & plants
  • Improved crop architecture

Billions of fast acting, beneficial bacteria that deliver healthy plant root systems by colonising the root surface
Soil Activator
Activates microbial activity
Soil Enhancer
Improves soil performance

Leafy Greens Heat Stress

Romaine lettuce growing

Leafy Greens Heat Stress


Heat stress and tip burn


Use stress mitigators and highly plant available calcium


Contains a specific balanced amino-gram and anti-oxidants that builds a strong stress mitigating profile in leafy greens.
Super Kelp
Supports root growth and crops under stress.
Allows plants to absorb more nutrients like calcium and phosphorus.
Caos XT
(Speak with us about this product)
Formulated with boron, amino acids and natural chelating agents to achieve higher calcium uptake and utilisation. Applied via irrigation or as a foliar spray.



Leafy Greens - Grower Case Study

Crop: Spinach

Region: Gingin, Western Australia

Grower Background
Kevan Dobra’s family has a 40 year history of market gardening on their 150 acre property. Their business, The Loose Leaf Lettuce Company, harvests four tonnes of salad greens per day including lettuce, rocket, spinach and asian greens.

The Problem
The spinach crop had a problem with pythium. It was ausing major crop loss to the point it had to be contracted out.

The Strategy
Encouraged by the positive experience of another grower, the business decided to try a new strategy based on building up soil health.

Soil Health Products




“Our new approach is working and we are now harvesting successfully a spinach crop. We had been losing 80% of our crop. Now we’ve got losses down to about 2%. Spinach is one of our major lines and we are harvesting about eight tonnes of it per week. In the summer we can turn a crop around in 23 days, then we start again. That intensity of production means we need to replenish the soil.
The new products have helped us a lot. They’ve proved economical and are working for us.”

Kevan Dobra, The Loose Leaf Lettuce Company, WA

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