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Sabel-X Hort

Endophytic Trichoderma

Improve yield with next generation Endophytic Trichoderma.

Exceptional grower feedback!

What Endophytic Tricoderma do
Quickly enter the plant, and once inside, produce metabolites via a symbiotic relationship that switches on genes whose pathways have a positive influence across the whole plant including:

  • Germination
  • Growth and vigour
  • Photosynthesis
  • Root development
  • Disease resistance
  • Stress resistance
  • Yield & Quality
  • Water utilisation

The process of switching on gene pathways is a dynamic process and changes depending on the conditions within the plant. New technologies track the “switching on” of these gene pathways.

Why Endophtyic Trichoderma Work

  • Immediate response – inoculates within 16-48 hours and starts producing metabolites.
  • Lives between cells within the plant- not affected by fungicides
  • Typically 1 application only – live as long as plant
  • Weathers tough conditions – not impacted by soil biology, soil pH and other adverse soil conditions – free living Trichoderma live in the soil and are impacted by soil conditions
  • Micro-encapsulated for compatibility and robustness, even with phosphates and contact fungicides.
  • Unique – only 12 strains worldwide representing 1% of Trichoderma – 30+ years in the making!

Trichoderma – 3 types
There are 3 very different types of Trichoderma with different functions:
Free Living – live in the general soil mass. They break down soil organic matter and help build soil health with long term benefits. They are subject to pH, water logging, heat etc and need regular applications.

  • Fungicides kill them
  • Require multiple applications

Rhizosphere Competent – live in the rhizosphere with strains selected to out compete fungal pathogens and colonise the plant root system more aggressively.

  • Fungicides kill them.
  • Require multiple applications

Endophytic Trichoderma – immediately enter the plant and produce metabolites which then induce different plant responses depending on what the plant needs.

  • Fungicides do not kill them because Sabel-X Trichoderma live between plant cells.
  • Typically one application because Sabel-X Trichoderma lives as long as plant does.Trichoderma – 3 types


Contains Trichoderma spp 7 x 107 CFU/g.

Trichoderma species based on more than three decades of research at Cornell University and other international biological research programs. Their development is the latest result of screening more than 1,000 organisms from worldwide microbial libraries and selection/discovery programs, followed by hundreds of independent field trials around the world.


Vegetables, Tree & Vine Planting – Australia
Application rate : 500g/ha

  • In-furrow at planting: minimum volume of 100L water /ha
  • Via irrigation; 0-7 days after planting
  • Spray; wash into root zone with irrigation
  • Drench or dip seedling trays; 200g/100Lwater


  • Mix/shake contents of pack before use (if not using whole pack).
  • Ideally apply within 7 days of planting.
  • Pre-mix 500g Sabel-X into 15L of non-chlorinated water.
  • Leave the pre-mix to stand for 20-30 minutes to allow microbial food sources to dissolve. Filter if necessary.
  • Add Sabel-X to tank last after all other inputs have been diluted.
  • All mixture to be used on day of mixing.

Legumes – Australia
Application rate : 30g Sabel-X Horticulture per 25kg seed.

  • Apply as a dry seed treatment prior to planting.
  • Depending on equipment:
  • Shake contents of pack across seed in plant box and mix, or Sprinkle Sabel-X Horticulture onto seed in bag. Treat in one bag increments to ensure uniform coating of seed. Shake bag or mix
    until uniform coverage is obtained.
  • Plant treated seed directly after Sabel-X seed treatment has been applied.
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