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Unlock your soil's biological potential

Launching Sabel-X - next generation Trichoderma

  • Endophytic - live inside plant
  • Key role in signalling within the plant to beneficial root zone microbes
  • Consistent yield increases and positive ROI's

Unlock you soil's biological potential!

Next generation Endophytic Trichoderma now available to Australian broad-acre farmers.

Exceptional grower feedback is the hallmark of this product!

3 years of Australian trials.

Broad-acre crop challenges

Disease management is a constant challenge - issues include root rot, stem rot and damping off problems, like Clubroot, Blackleg, Sclerotinia, Pythium and Rhizoctonia.

Sabel-X enhances root health by improving beneficial microbial activity.

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Sabel-X Endophytic Trichoderma

Switching on positive gene pathways in plants.


  • Increases nutrient & moisture uptake
  • Provides greater tolerance to stress events
  • Reduces the effect of soil pathogens
  • Providse higher yields and ROI
Canola Sabel-X Canola

Sabel-X Trichoderma - how they work

They colonise inside the plant within 48 hours of seed germination and immediately begin communicating with the plant.

Sabel-X Trichoderma persist for the life of annual crops, playing a key role in signalling within the plant and to beneficial root zone microbes. This improves crop performance by initiating and interpreting signals from the plant to:

  1. Upregulate genes involved in photosynthesis, increasing energy available to the plant by up to 30%. More energy for extra plant growth (& yield) in the form of root exudates to nourish soil microbes, releases previously inaccessible nutrients.
  2. Attract beneficial microbes to the plant roots, coordinating the microbial activity to create a healthy root zone,
    reducing the effect of soil pathogens.

The signals and results produced by Sabel-X Trichoderma are in addition to those produced by the plant alone.


Seed Treatment - 1 application only

The Trichoderma in Sabel-X are microencapsulated in a powder form which is applied as a simple, dry seed dusting immediately prior to seeding.

Application rates are 2.4 grams/kg small seed ie Canola & 1.2 gms/kg for larger seed ie Cereals, Corn, Cotton.

Cost Effective

Seeding rate affects cost per ha. Average budget costs are:

Canola - $2 per kg seed ie $3 -$8/ha

Cereals - $0.35c per kg seed ie $17- $30/ha

Corn - $0.63 per kg seed ie $ 16 - $20/ha

Trial Work - ROI 2.74 to 39 to 1

  • Trial work internationally and over the last 3 years in Australia have delivered consistent yield improvements and ROI’s ranging from 2.74 to 39 :1.
  • The Horticulture version of Sabel-X was launched in 2019 after substantial trial work with exceptional grower feedback being the hallmark of this product.

Australian broad-acre results

Commercial trials over the last 3 years in Australia has delivered ROI’s in ranges summarised below:

  • Canola: 4.05 to 39 :1
  • Cereals: 2.74 to 4.11
  • Corn: 32:1 (same result for WA and QLD trials)
  • Forage Sorghum: 85.8 to 1
  • Soy beans: 26.6 : 1

The minimum ROI ‘s have come from crops affected by wind, frost or lack of finishing rain. In all cases Sabel-X has delivered an improvement in net return.

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Trial Summaries

Crop trial summaries

Wheat results Sabel-X
Sabel-X Canola trial images v2
Forage sorghum prussic acid higher res
Sabel-X trial images Corn
Sabel-X graph trials

Unlocking soil's biological potential via biochemical signalling

Regardless of the season, it is important to get the best possible performance out of your crops.

Growers understand the value of good soil health for their operation to be sustainable. So, it's little wonder producers spend a significant amount of money each year on inputs to improve their soils.

However, new research has shown that the genetic interaction between the plant and the soil microbes is just as important as what's in the soil.

For this reason, many producers across the country are embracing a ground breaking new product that enhances this interaction between the plant and the soil microbes.

Sabel-X Endophytic Trichoderma is more than 30 years in the making and has been proven to be effective, time and again, in multiple field trials across the country.

As its name suggests, this Trichoderma is Endophytic - meaning it lives inside the plant - and helps the plants to switch on gene sets that trigger and activate microbes within the rhizosphere (root zone).

This is very important because through scientific experiments we know microbes in the rhizosphere induce genes and metabolic pathways within the plant to improve productivity.

Up until now, producers have taken advantage of the positive impact of rhizosphere microbes by improving soil health to increase their numbers or by adding one or a group of microbes to the soil.

Sabel-X is a game changer because it triggers the genes within the plant to work more effectively with these rhizosphere microbes.

When you use Sabel-X Trichoderma, it essentially coordinates the activity of the beneficial rhizosphere microbes and acts like a coach to amass the best "A Team" of microbes at any given point in time.

Research shows the Sabel-X Trichoderma switch on more genes, literally hundreds of them, which means more rhizosphere microbes are activated.

We know the Sabel-X Trichoderma create signals to attract microbes in the root zone involved in critical processes including improving utilisation of nutrients, uptake and utilisation of moisture, stress and disease resistance and improved photosynthesis.

Sustainable Farming Solutions has been working in the sustainable ag space for more than 25 years and say Sabel-X Endophytic Trichoderma is one of the most impressive products they have come across.

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Sabel-X trial images Oct 20
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