Fertilise and Balance Your Soil

Liquid, Powder and Solid - Organic and Biological Support

Plants thrive with optimal nutrient levels including NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphrous and Potassium), Ca (Calcium), trace elements and minerals.

Balanced crop nutrition supplies most nutrients through the soil and maintains soil minerals.

Beneficial soil microbe populations are damaged by some highly soluble fertilisers.

Microbe-friendly fertilisers help fertilise your crop while strengthening soil microbes.

High yielding crops often struggle to get enough nutrients through root systems, so foliar fertilisers can assist if required.

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Sustainable farming depends on the ability to boost quality and yield while protecting our own health, the quality of soil as well as the broader environment. Naturally produced fertilisers can support healthy microbial life in the soil as well as providing practical and cost-effective crop support.

We have a range of fertilisers to balance soil nutrients and contribute to the long-term viability of farmland.

All of our fertilisers are suitable for use in traditional, sustainable and certified organic farming operations.

Organic Liquid Fertilisers

This is an organic fertiliser for leaf and soil application. It can rapidly boost available organic calcium and boron which can prevent and correct calcium deficiency in your soil.

This is a liquid organic potassium. It is completely soluble and available for plants to absorb. It delivers the required quantity of nutrients with low application rates.

This is a controlled bacteria fermentation of different vegetables which provides a convenient liquid source of nitrogen for all crops.

Organic Powder Fertilisers

Guano Powder
This is a micronized source of guano, which provides a microbe-friendly source of both phosphorus and calcium.

This is an organic potassium powder. It is completely soluble and available for plants to absorb. It delivers the required quantity of nutrients with low application rates.

This is a 100% soluble powder formulation of amino-acid chelated trace elements. It is designed to address deficiencies as a foliar spray or via irrigation.

Organic Solid Fertilisers

A granule that combines calcium and phosphorus in the one fertiliser.

New Era Better Grow
This microbe-friendly source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium plus carbon supports soil biological life. It also helps balance soil, improves nutrient cycling and mobilises soil nutrient reserves for optimum plant growth.

New Era Custom Blend
This blend is typically based on pelletised organic fertiliser from composted poultry manure. The pellets provide a microbe-friendly source of nutrients for improved soil and plant health.

New Era High N
This is a convenient cost-effective source of nitrogen with low P levels.

New Era High P
This is calcium and phosphorus combined in the one fertiliser. It is inoculated with beneficial microbes to enhance phosphorus release. Contains a wide range of trace elements, including plant available silica.

New Era Premium
This includes meat meal, bone meal, fish meal, seaweed extract, composted poultry manure, sulphate of potash, soft rock phosphate for stronger plants. It is ideal pre-plant for vegetables and basal fertiliser for fruit trees.

New Era Protein Meal
This fertiliser supplies nitrogen primarily as protein, amino acid and ammonium. Protein Meal works with soil bacteria which break it down into nitrogen components so that plants can more easily absorb nutrient.