Product Range

Sustainable Farming Solutions produce a range of tested products for conventional, sustainable and transitioning farms.

These products promote yield and quality through four main areas of support which are soil health, crop stress, crop protection and fertiliser.

Sustainable Farming Systems Organic Product Range Pyramid

Soil Health - Energise

Healthy soils have strong levels of active carbon and diverse, active microbe populations. This results in good soil structure, strong nutrient availability and less disease. Active carbon is an important component of good soil structure and leads to better root growth, water penetration and retention. A healthy beneficial microbe population allows nutrients to remain available to plants for longer and reduces the incidence and severity of disease.

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Sustainable Farming Systems for Australian Broadacre Farms - Conventional & Organic

Crop Protection - Defend

Pests and disease can significantly damage crop quality and yield. It is vital to protect plants at critical early stages in their growth cycle to build the strength of the plant’s self-defense. Defensive support can be provided above and below ground. Defences might include strengthening the leaf surface to help defend against attack from pest and disease or colonising roots or leaves with beneficial microbes that compete with pathogens.

Crop Stress  - Strengthen

Heat, frost and drought can stress crops and force them into damage control mode. The critical first 2-6 weeks of growth after planting sets up the productivity for annual crops like cereals, oils seeds and row crops. Seed treatments can help seedling vigour that benefits crop yield and quality. Strengthening against stress improves resilience so crops can return to productive growth faster. This helps avoid increased input costs to compensate for lost growth.

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Fertilise - Balance
Plants thrive with optimal nutrient levels including NPK, Ca, trace elements and minerals. Balanced crop nutrition supplies most nutrients through the soil and maintains soil minerals. Beneficial soil microbe populations are damaged by some highly soluble fertilisers. Microbe-friendly fertilisers help fertilise your crop while strengthening soil microbes. High yielding crops often struggle to get enough nutrients through root systems, so foliar fertilisers can assist if required.