Fix and Release

Uniform soil moisture

A soil surfactant based on a specific blend of non-ionic polymers that improve the soil wetting profile.

Outcome – roots have better access to water.

Lighter Soils – Fix and Release displays more lateral spreading plus water does not just follow previous water channels but spreads throughout the soil.

Heavier Soils – Fix  & Release displays more uniform watering – less dry patches so water gets to all the roots

Reduced Leaching – improved soil moisture as less water is wasted


Product Pack Sizes





Zinc 2.2% w/v
Non-ionic polymers
(does not contain polyacrylamide)


Vegetables and greenhouses: 1.5-2L/ha. Apply every 30 days during cultivation.

Orchards, Citrus, Olives, Vines, Subtropical: 2-3L/ha. Apply every 30-60 days during irrigation stages.