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Sustainable horticulture is an approach to farming with a range of important goals.

Farm Viability: To support the long-term financial viability of horticulture businesses by maximising crop quality and yield.

Crop Resilience: To provide crop stress strategies that enable your fruit, vegetable and nut crops to be more resilient in the face of extreme events during the growth cycle.

Soil Support: To ensure that crop fertilisers and treatments support healthy soil microbial activity and contribute to long-term soil fertility.

Crop Science: To adopt tailored programs which are based on scientific soil analysis and an evidence-based approach to supporting specific crops at critical times when yield is determined.

Profit Focus: To deliver sustainable farming strategies that are financially practical on a crop by crop, farm by farm basis.

Risk Reduction: To ensure that fertilisers and chemicals used for crop support and crop protection are delivered without creating a risk to human health or the environment.

SFS Continuum

Ground breaking new technologies

Biology for improved productivity.

Sabel-X  - next generation Trichoderma

Unlock your soil's biological potential and increase photosynthesis by up to 30% with Next Generation Endophytic Trichoderma.

Key Features

  • Lives inside the plant so robust
  • Positive ROI is the norm
  • Exceptional grower feedback is the hallmark of this product

Why are results exceptional?

To summarise Sabel-X Trichoderma are extremely valuable to the crop because they enhance the interaction between the plant and the soil microbes.

New research has shown the genetic interaction between the plant and the soil microbes is just as important as what's in the soil.

Sabel-X makes better use of what is in your soil with our trials demonstrating they significantly improve the effectiveness of soil health additives because they enhance the interaction between the added microbes and the plant.

How Sabel-X works

Sabel-X Trichoderma colonise inside the plant within 48 hours of seed germination and immediately begin communicating with the plant.
Sabel-X Trichoderma persist for the life of annual crops, playing a key role in signalling within the plant and to beneficial root zone microbes. This improves crop performance by initiating and interpreting signals from the plant to:

  1. Upregulate genes involved in photosynthesis, increasing energy available to the plant by up to 30%. More energy for extra
    plant growth (& yield) in the form of root exudates to nourish soil microbes, releases previously inaccessible nutrients.
  2. Attract beneficial microbes to the plant roots, coordinating the microbial activity to create a healthy root zone, reducing the effect of soil pathogens.
    The signals and results produced by Sabel-X Trichoderma are in addition to those produced by the plant alone.







Sabel-X trial images Oct 20 1st page final
Sabel-X trial images Oct 20
Sabel-X trial images Oct 20 final image

How We Can Help You

Sustainable Farming Solutions has advised major sustainable farming operations across Australia for over 25 years.

Soil Health and Crop Stress Programs

We have specialised Soil Health & Crop Stress programs for many horticultural crops including:

Almond, Apple, Avocado, Citrus, Cucurbits, Leafy Greens, Macadami, Mango, Onion, Potato, Stone Fruit, Table Grapes, Tomato & Capsicum and Wine Grapes.

Crop Planting Programs

To help you plan new crop planting, we have developed tailored Crop Planting Programs for:

Almonds, Bananas, Pome Fruit Orchards, Potatoes, Stone Fruit Orchards, Sugar Cane, Vegetables and Vineyards.


Sustainable Farming Solutions is expert in on-farm organic composting programs, and we can guide you in how to develop effective composting approaches for your horticultural operations.


Tailored Horticultural Programs

These free programs provide advice for a wide range of horticultural crops.

Local Agronomy Support

We work closely with growers and our distributors‘ teams to provide all the information you need to grow productive, profitable crops.

Nationwide Product Distribution

We have distributors right around the country. We can link you with a local distributor interested in supporting your business.

Scientific Approach

We provide up-to-date information on sustainable farming practices including research papers and trial data.

Comprehensive Product Range

Sustainable Farming Solutions has a comprehensive product range that can support horticulture operations on many levels.

Our crop based Soil Health programs energise your soil, boost beneficial microbial activity and diversity and help build active carbon. Crop Stress approaches strengthen your crop's natural abilities to defend against pests and disease.

Our Fertiliser and Crop Protection products provide important supports for crops, based on approaches designed for long term sustainability.


Our Products

Crop Protection

Boost your crop's natural defenses against pests and disease to increase the overall yield.

Crop Stress

Heat, cold and drought can stress crops and affect critical early plant growth.

Soil Health

Healthy soils have strong levels of active carbon and diverse, active microbe populations.


Plants thrive with optimal nutrient levels including NPK, Ca, trace elements and minerals.

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