Sabel-X Canola

Endophytic Trichoderma

Triggers positive plant gene expression by living within plant cells
Consistently improves root and crop health – a culmination of 30 years research
Enhanced root growth
More resilient roots & plants
Improved crop architecture
Apply once- the earlier the better
Rate – 60g per 25kg seed
Ease of Use
Applied dry direct onto seed.
Can be used with phosphate fertilisers.


Seed Treatment – 60g/ per 25kg of seed.
Apply as a dry seed treatment prior to planting.
Mix/shake contents of pack prior to use.
Sprinkle Sabel-X onto seed in hopper.
Treat in one bag increments to ensure uniform
coating of seed with Sabel-X.
Mix until uniform seed coverage is obtained.
Plant treated seed directly after Sabel-X seed
treatment has been applied.
Can be used on fungicide treated seed.