Uptake Organic N

Liquid Nitrogen fertiliser concentrate

For managing crop nitrogen demand & building yield.

Uptake Organic-N provides a convenient liquid source of nitrogen for all crops. Plants require relatively large amounts of nitrogen.

Nitrogen is a major constituent of several of the most important substances which occur in plants, comprising 40-50% of the dry matter in protoplasm (the living substance in cells).

In organic systems, plants frequently struggle to access sufficient nitrogen, which can result in stunted or relatively under developed plants and severely reduced yields.

We recommend using our Uptake Organic N to:
  • Provide immediate nutrition for your crop. Uptake Organic-N provides a source of N to promote the vegetative growth (in particular stimulates root and leaf biomass and nutrient uptake in crops resulting in increased crop productivity).
  • Provide more than just N to your crop:


Directions For Use

When mixed, fill spray tank half full with water and add the required amount of Uptake Organic N while continuing to fill tank with water.

Also add Fish Emulsion as spray oil or surfactant just before tank is full of water.

Continue agitation through the spray operation. Jar tests are always recommended for tank mix compatibility. Always agitate drum contents before use.

Application Rates

Horticultural Crops

Minimum dilution rate 1 : 100 with water.

(1:150 for Almonds, Avocados, Citrus)

Foliar Spray: 2 – 5L/ha; repeat as required.

Irrigation: 5 – 10L/ha; repeat as required.

Broad-acre Crops and Pastures

Minimum dilution rate 1 : 30 with water.

Foliar Spray: 2 – 5L/ha; repeat as required.

Each farmer’s situation, processes and practices may differ and therefore necessitate corrections to ensure optimum results. Adjust rates according to production levels. Repeat as required. Always test for compatibility and crop suitability prior to use. Seek advice for rates suited to your crop.

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 10% w/v