Removes unwanted salts from the rootzone

What is Moversalt?

Moversalt is a high quality corrector of soil salinity, both in sodic (high sodium) & saline (high soluble salt) soils; it is based on Calcium and Polymaleic Acid.

How it works?

Soluble calcium from calcium nitrate or calcium thiosulphate combine quickly with carbonates in the soil, reducing their effectiveness as a salinity tool. The calcium in Moversalt is protected by the polymaleic acid, enhancing the salt displacement effect in soils with a high saturation in sodium.

After it has released the calcium to the soil, the polymaleic acid acts as a complexing agent, binding to the sodium salts and washing through the root zone with subsequent irrigations.

This can be particularly important in times of drought and low rainfall when the accumulation of salts is higher.

What is polymaleic acid?

Polymaleic acid is a highly stable organic acid. In Moversalt it is complexed with calcium and has two main functions:
In the soil, the polymaleic acid-calcium complex transfers the calcium to the exchange complex, releasing two sodium ions. These sodium ions can be then be washed from the root zone.
It also has the ability to solubilize insoluble plant nutrients in the soil, releasing minerals such as Ca, Mg and trace elements to the soil solution.
This improves the immediate availability of these minerals for plant growth or allows their adsorption to the humus-clay complex (for medium term

Product Pack Sizes




Calcium – 10.58% w/v

Nitrogen – 8.5% w/v

Polymaleic Acid – 10-24%  w/v



Via Fertigation

Orchards: 4-5L/ha for a total of 20L/ha/year

Vegetables: 4-8L/ha (first irrigation). Continuous applications of 1-2L/ha up to a total of 12-16L/ha/cycle.

Strawberries: 4-8L/ha (first irrigation). Continuous applications of 1-2L/ha until completing 12-16 L/ha/cycle.