Sero-X Pesticide

Natural Insecticide for Diamond Back Moth in Brassica Crops with no withholding period

Growth Agriculture and Sustainable Farming Solutions are pleased to announce the finalisation of a distribution agreement for the Innovate Ag bio-pesticide product Sero-X Insecticide, a brand new type of pesticide with environmental credentials second to none.

Sero-X Insecticide is one of very few pesticides 100% researched, developed and commercialised in Australia, with control of a wide range of pests, minimal impact on beneficial insects along with no maximum residue limits or WHP, will play a crucial part in Australian agriculture for years to come.

Sero-X, originally registered for control of a variety of pests in Cotton, now also has expanded label registration for control of Diamond Back Moth in Brassica crops with a further label extension currently being processed by APVMA to include a broader range of crops and pests.

Sero-X can be used in a spray rotation program with existing products including BT sprays and spinosads.


Sero-X doesn’t rely solely on direct mortality to ensure crop protection. Highly innovative in design and functionality, Sero-X offers a much larger-scale bio-pesticide solution to tackle pests, which is broken down into three primary areas:

  • Direct toxicity: Soft bodied small larvae and nymphs are killed directly when contacted with the product.
  • Anti-feedant/repellence: The presence of Sero-X’s cyclotides on treated plants deter pest feeding. Pests choose to starve rather than consume a Sero-X treated crop.
  • Oviposition Deterrent: The presence of the residue of Sero-X on treated plants acts as a deterrent for pest egg lay. Pests may avoid landing or laying eggs on Sero-X treated plants.

Controlling crop-related pest infestations from three angles minimises the likelihood of resistance developing amongst target pests. Owing to its versatility, Sero-X can easily be used as a protective treatment when applied at regular intervals or as a knockdown treatment to control existing pests. Likewise, this product is suitable for use in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.

Extensive research and trials have demonstrated the effects on insect predators and parasites are low.

SFS are the exclusive distributor of Sero-X Iinsecticide for Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and southern NSW (Riverina & Murray districts).

Growth Agriculture will continue to supply Queensland,  central and northern New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

Rates Brassicas

Pest – Diamondback moth

Rate – 2L/ha

Critical Comments – Apply as soon as diamondback moth appears and approach threshold levels.
Ensure good coverage with a maximum 7 day retreatment interval to ensure that there is a constant exposure of new larvae to Sero-X.

An application volume of 200-300 L/ha for brassicas early stage is recommended.

For crops at a later stage of development, ie after head formation, apply Sero-X at 1-2L per 100L of water
(equivalent to 1-2% v/v), particularly if pest pressure is high and conditions are favourable.

Registered – all states