Rhino High Tech

Better fruit formation

Improves shape including fruit elongation

  • Essential Part of “Early to Market” Fruit Program
  • Improves shape of fruit which is critical for getting fruit to market early,particularly when it is cold and fruit does not form properly.
  • Outcome – more marketable fruit.
    Examples –
    Capsicum – no pancake fruit
    Lebanese cucumber – enhanced premium fruit elongation
    Strawberries – avoids deformities /shoulders and green tips, so common under adverse conditions.
    Cluster crops – lengthens rachis, increasing the number of fruits per cluster and their uniformity

Promotes cell division
Provides an energy boost through cell division stages for better fruit formation. This results in less fruit abscission.

Extra energy during stress periods
Non-hormonal bioactivator that provides more energy to crops during environmental stress including heat and cold.


NATC and TCA –  6.1% w/v

Free Amino acids – 8.7% w/v

L-Cysteine – 0.1% w/v

Glycine – 7% w/v

Potassium – 5.6% w/v


Berries, Raspberry, blueberry and blackberry – Fertigation: l L/ha. Apply minimum of twice; full blooming and at fruit set. It can also be applied at fruit sizing stage.
Strawberries – Foliar: l 00 ml/l 00 L water. Apply every 3 weeks from first flower.
Fruiting vegetables – Foliar: l 00 ml/l 00 L water. Apply twice, initially at first flower and repeat 15-20 days later.
Citrus – Fertigation: l -1.5 L/ha / Foliar: 50-200 ml/l 00 L water. Apply during budbreak and from petal fall to 60 % fruit size.
Grapes – Foliar: 150-200 ml/l 00 L water twice. Apply pre-flowering (when the flower truss turns down), repeat at 75 % cap fall.
Nuts, Almonds – Foliar: l 00 ml/l 00 L water. First application when small flower bunches appear, second at fruit setting.
Pecans – Foliar: l 00 ml/l 00 L water. Apply at leaf expansion and repeat 15 days later.
Potatoes  – Fertigation: l L/ha / Foliar: 50 ml/l 00 L water. Perform 2-3 applications from emergence to tuber initiation.