Amino Power

Soluble powder – 16 % Nitrogen as amino acid

Soluble powder – 16 % Nitrogen as amino acid
  • For managing crop nitrogen demand and building yield
  • 100% soluble fertiliser
  • Use via irrigation or foliar spray
  • Directly absorbed by plant leaves & roots

Amino acids are some of the basic building blocks of life.
Amino Power is a plant protein hydrolysate that can be absorbed directly into the plant leaf and root system for an immediate effect. It stimulates the plant to help with:

  • Preventing and /or recovering from stress caused by heat, cold, physical damage due to storms and pests.
  • Increasing chlorophyll production and improving the rate of photosynthesis.
  • Opening of stomata – maintaining metabolic processes (growth).
  • Inducing flower function, pollen tube formation, pollen germination.
  • Fruit ripening and quality.

We recommend Amino Power as a natural plant stimulant and source of available N for all agricultural crops.

Direction For Use

Amino Power is used in a wide variety of agricultural enterprises. It is suitable for use as a foliar spray and via irrigation. When mixing, fill spray tank half full with water and add the required amount of Amino Power while continuing to fill tank with water. Also, add Fish Emulsion as spray oil or surfactant just before tank is full of water. Continue agitation through the spray operation. Jar tests are always recommended for tank mix compatibility.
Re-seal bag after use.

Application Rate

Horticultural Crops (Trees, Vines, Vegetables)
Dilute at 1 : 200 with water.
Foliar Spray: 1-2.5kg/ha

Trees & Vines
Apply at key growth stages:
Early growth, flowering, fruit set, fruit fill, post harvest.

Apply every 2-3 weeks.
Each farmer’s situation, processes and practices may differ and therefore necessitate corrections to ensure optimum results.

Adjust rates according to production levels. Repeat as required.
Always test for compatibility and crop suitability prior to use. Seek advice for rates suited to your crop.

Typical Analysis

>80% amino acids (from plant protein)