Citran 1

Fruit & Vegetable sanitiser.

Used for sanitising fruit and vegetables and hard surfaces.

Non corrosive, organic and powerful.

Safe for food contact situations and is effective against a wide range of human pathogens including salmonela, E coli, listeria.

  • Active components have been independently verified as suitable for application directly to fruit and vegetables.
  • Does not poison the organism but acts by destroying the cellular membrane of micro-organisms (cell wall intrusion).

When used at recommended label rates, Citran 1 will kill 99.99% of germs to the ARTG standard test for commercial grade disinfection.*

Active Ingredients

Bitter orange extract

Octanoic Acid

Application Rates

Citran 1 is ideal for washing of whole fruit and vegetables before packaging and can be used as a dip or spray to sanitise fruit and vegetables such as apples, oranges, lettuce cucumber, etc prior to packaging.
Dilute in clean water before use.
Do not use undiluted.
No need to rinse.

Fruit & Vegetable Sanitiser:

Dip & Spray 2.5ml/L (0.25% solutions)

  • 5 minute contact time – 5ml/L (0.5% solution)
  • 1 minute contact time
  • may foam in high pressure sprays

Commercial Grade Sanitiser:

Floors, walls, benches – 20ml/L

Commercial Grade Disinfection:

Hard surface and processing equipment disinfection – 50ml/L
Cool Room Fogging – 5ml/L
Best used in water between pH 5 & 8, and temperatures under 60 deg C.