Actinobact Liquid

Fast acting beneficial microbes.

Actinobact liquid contains billions of fast acting, beneficial bacteria that deliver healthy plant root systems by colonising the root surface.

Contains: Bacillus subtilis, Streptomyces sp.

Beneficial microbes are an important part of a healthy root system. Nature’s ecological processes use beneficial microbes to maintain the health of plant roots.

Beneficial microbes in Actinobact Liquid colonise the root zone and act in a number of ways including:

  • Solubilising nutrients
  • Supplying growth hormones to plants

Actinobact contains powerful beneficial microbes that are ideal for use at any stage of crop growth to maintain healthy roots.

  • Highly effective for field and greenhouse use
  • Easy to use – liquid formulation
  • Mixes with ag-chem and fertiliser
  • Can be applied as a spray, soil drench or via irrigation

We recommend using Actinobact to maintain a healthy root system.

Typical Analysis

Contains Streptomyces sp & and Bacillus subtilis (1 x 108cfu/ml).

Directions for Use

Can be mixed with most pesticides. Do not mix with copper fungicide, bactericides, strong acids or broad spectrum sanitisers.

Do not apply within 3 weeks of soil fumigation.

Compatible with most dilute liquid fertilisers.

Do not use with anhydrous ammonia. Dilute with clean water.

Shake well before use.

Application Rates

Fruit & Vegetable Crops:
Use 1-2L/ha of Actinobact in an appropriate amount of water. Apply as a soil drench, spray, transplant dip or through irrigation to the area immediately surrounding the roots or seeds.
Apply until soil around seed or root ball of plant is saturated without creating run off.
Apply every 14-90 days depending on environmental conditions and dosage level.

Transplant Dip & Drench:
Seedling Trays: Mix 200ml Actinobact per 100L water.
Bare rooted trees: Mix 350ml Actinobact per 20L water.

Greenhouses and Nurseries:
Mix 150ml Actinobact in enough water to blend evenly into 1 cubic metre of growing media or potting mix.

Soak seeds and/or plugs with a solution of 50ml Actinobact per litre of water before placing them in growing trays.
In a recirculating (NFT) system, apply 10ml Actinobact per 100L of water and renew after each water change.
In open (run-to-waste) systems, apply 150ml Actinobact per 400sq.m of green house.

Apply as a drench at a rate of 750ml of Actinobact per 1,000sq.m for initial application of problem areas. Maintenance applications of 250ml per 1000sq.m every 6 to 8 weeks are recommended. For best results use with wetting agent.

Storage and Clean Up

Ideally refrigerate at temperatures between 4 degrees C & 10 degrees C. Store in original container away from direct sunlight. Do not return mix to original drums. Clean up spills with water.