WA research permit for Medfly

Early preparation is essential for controlling Med fruit fly. 

MagMED has effectively reduced the medfly population in WA orchards and vineyards over the last few years.

MagMED used as part of an integrated system for Mediterranean fruit fly control and is best used from early to mid Spring.

The department of agriculture trial work over several years has found MagMED combined with bait spraying is effective in combating medfly.

Research examples OFS

MagMED works day & night, in rain & sunshine for at least 6 months.

MagMED is available for commercial growers of pome fruit, stone fruit, citrus, table grapes & now tropical fruit for use against Mediterranean fruit fly.

Every orchard situation has different medfly pressure, however WA growers have found (through their own trials) that MagMED has enabled them to stop chemical cover sprays or reduce bait sprays whilst keeping stung fruit to a minimum.

Mode of Action
MagMED is a modern “attract & kill” device that contains a powerful attractant (odour) that lures the fruit fly (the female thinks it is ripe fruit) and then kills it when the fly lands on the surface (device surface is impregnated with insecticide). It is used at 50 per ha in citrus and 65-75 in stone fruit, pome fruit, grapes and tropical fruit (higher rates may be necessary in some crops).

MagMED is available only to commercial growers for use under a research permit and in supervised domestic situations.

MagMED is convenient:

  • no liquids
  • no refilling
  • no chemical residues
  • just hang in your orchard or vineyard for the season
  • Less time on the tractor
  • Saves time and money

If you are interested in participating this year, call Organic Farming Systems on 9384 3789 or email .