Sabel-X – Results – switching on positive gene pathways

Over 2019 and now 2020 we have been trialing Sabel-X predominantly in Horticulture, Corn and Cereals.

Grower feedback has been exceptional, with growers typically trialing and then quickly moving to using the product.

Kevin Dobra from Loose Leaf Lettuce Company, “We had been losing 80% of our crop and now we’ve got losses down to about 2%”.

Why does Sabel-X work?

  • It is an Endophytic Trichoderma that lives inside the plant/tree. The plant and Trichoderma work symbiotically to switch on gene pathways that will help the plant, based on what it needs.
  • It is micro-encapsulated to have a rapid response.
  • It is not affected by fungicides once established so very robust.

Typical Results

  • Improves yield
  • Improves crop and tree health
  • Improves stress tolerance