The Conversation Turns To Soil Health and Crop Stress

Farmers have always been concerned about their soil and the longevity of their farming practices. More recently they’ve been focused on soluble crop nutrition, agricultural chemicals and crop protection. Increasingly new priorities are coming into focus.

Soil health is certainly one of those emerging areas. Crop stress is another. As producers, we’ve been pretty good at our crop protection. We’re pretty good at our crop nutrition. Now we are looking for more ways to improve our production systems.

This is where the whole topic of soil health comes in. If it’s in a broadacre system, the end result might be the soil is more friable. It’s easier to tow implements through the soil and you’ll require less horsepower. You won’t have to buy a bigger and bigger tractor all the time. You can manage with the same size.

The crop stress discussion is really about making sure that small environmental stress events don’t reduce the yield of a crop. As a grower, you can actually help the crop get through those stress events and come out the other side of it with an ability to produce the yield of a quality that you need.

The broader principles of soil health and dealing with crop stress apply across pretty much all farms. If you a broadacre farmer that might be targeting to get two tonnes of wheat and might only want to spend two, three, five, ten dollars a hectare.” The program that’s put together for you would be very, very different to a program for a grower who might spend $2,000 a hectare because they’re growing a vegetable crop, or a strawberry crop. Growers in this category can afford to invest more back into their soil. We work with farmers to design a program that makes financial sense for their business, their farm soil and their crop objectives.

We’ve been working with conventional growers for the last twenty years on soil health and crop stress aspects of their work. We’ve recently changed our company name to Sustainable Farming Solutions, as a way of better describing what we do and what we can help them with.

We work with smaller farms as well as some of Australia’s largest producers. If you’d like to discuss a sustainable farming program for your business we’d be interested to hear from you.