Sabel-X Hort – great results keep coming in for leafy greens

Sabel-X Hort results in 2019 and 2020 have been consistently positive. Growers are trying and then using on their whole operation because the results are so good.

Sabel-X contains Endophytic Trichoderma that are effective for multiple reasons

  • Immediate response – inoculates within 16-48 hours and starts producing metabolites.
  • Lives between cells within the plant- not affected by fungicides
  • Typically one application only – live as long as plant
  • Weathers tough conditions – not impacted by soil biology, soil pH and other adverse soil conditions – free living Trichoderma live in the soil and are impacted by soil conditions
  • Micro-encapsulated for compatibility and robustness, even with phosphates and contact fungicides.
  • Unique – only 12 strains worldwide representing 1% of Trichoderma – 30+ years in the making!