What Is Crop Stress And Why Does It Matter?

At times through a growing season, plants, whether it be a tree, or a vegetable crop or a cereal crop, are going to come under a stress that’s primarily environmental, often heat or frost. Stress can also be caused by too much disease or too much pest attack. We refer to the collective impact of these events as crop stress.

We’ve got is a couple of products that help the plants or crops get through those stress periods and come out the other side in better shape than they otherwise would have.

If the plant is in better shape after a really hot week, then it bounces away and it becomes productive again much quicker than it would otherwise.

The reason why it is important to support plants during periods of stress is that there are often these little micro-stresses that aren’t always obvious. It might be something’s chewed away at the root system a little bit. You can’t see that. However, even a small event like this will slow down the growth.

It might be that there is a disease on the root system that you can’t see. The plant overcomes it, but it’s putting energy into the root system rather than into whatever crop you are producing.

All those micro-stresses as I’ve called them, just slice away at your yield a little bit, every time. It may be that each one individually might not be worth worrying about. However, by the time your crop has had half a dozen or ten of them through a whole growing season, your yield potential is cut back by 10 or 20%. That will really affect your hip pocket. That’s why thinking about crop stress strategies is all about protecting your investment.

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