Sabel-X Hort rejuvenated Avocado trees in less than 6 weeks

A big rainfall event in Queensland 2 years ago created a phytophthora infection in Sheppard Avocados. The trees had not done well since then.

After the first application of Sabel-X Hort there was a significant regrowth in the affected trees.

In less than 6 weeks the affected trees had regrown significant leaf and new branches and have retained them.

The trees are now retaining fruit and as of January 2020, are at the fruit fill stage.

Sabel-X Hort is an Endophytic Trichoderma. It is unique because the Endophytic Trichoderma  quickly enter the plant and form a symbiotic relationship within the plant. They switch on positive gene pathways depending on what the plant requires to improve yield, growth, vigour, stress resistance, quality.

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