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(Note: The Organic Farming Systems product range is changing to Sustainable Farming Solutions. Product labels may show the older name during our transition.)


Natural Phosphorous granule.

Guano Powder

Micronised Guano powder.

New Era Better Grow

Economical pelletised fertiliser.

New Era Custom Blend

Fertiliser custom blended to specific requirements.

New Era High N

Pelletised Nitrogen fertiliser 8%N NPK8-1-1

New Era High P

Natural Phosphorous mineral.

New Era Premium

High quality pelletised organic fertiliser.

New Era Protein Meal

High nitrogen 13%


Available liquid calcium for leaf and soil.


Liquid Potassium fertiliser 30%K


Liquid Nitrogen fertiliser concentrate 10%N


Multi-mix soluble trace elements.

Uptake Ca

Available liquid calcium for leaf and soil.

Uptake Elite

Natural Liquid NPK Fertiliser