Guano Powder

Micronised Guano powder.

Micronised source of P (12%) and Ca (25%)

  • Microbe friendly
  • Use via irrigation

Guano Powder is a micronized source of guano, which provides a microbe friendly source of both phosphorus and calcium. Calcium and phosphorus are not normally combined in the one fertiliser. Soluble synthetic P and Ca are not compatible. Guano Powder is based on natural guano. It provides the two nutrients in a safe and effective form.


The second most deficient soil nutrient (second only to calcium). Phosphate is necessary for proper plant metabolism (energy transfer), blooming and possibly somewhat earlier maturity. Phosphorus is important in cell division and the development of new tissue.

Plants deficient in P have stunted growth.

Chemical fertilisers can lead to soil degradation. Guano contains a living microbial flora which enhances organic matter, encouraging microbial activity which improves nutrient uptake, plant health and soil moisture levels.


Calcium helps create a healthy soil environment for plants and it improves uptake of other nutrients by the plant. As the calcium content in the plant decreases, so can the protein, energy level and minerals. Calcium stimulates growth of “soil life”, including nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

  • Calcium is essential for proper cell wall development in plants.
  • Calcium solubility must be maintained for crop demand.
  • A soil with balanced calcium is friable and easily worked.
  • When calcium and other cations are balanced, root health, nutrient availability and up- take is increased.
  • Calcium reduces the toxicity effect of magnesium and effect of soil born fungi such as root rot and phytophthora.

Many fertilisers remove calcium from the soil and can be expensive and dangerous to soil health.

Direction For Use

Guano Powder is used in a wide range of agricultural enterprises to provide natural phosphorus and calcium. It is best applied to the soil however, it is also useful as a foliar spray.

Suitable for use as a soil drench, via irrigation or as a foliar spray.

Applied through standard spraying equipment and via irrigation.

Pre mix thoroughly with equal quantity of water prior to adding to spray or fertigation tank. Add to full tank under agitation.
Ensure constant agitation during use.

If used as a foliar spray this product may leave visible residue on leaves. If this is a concern then apply via soil.

Application Rates

Via Irrigation – 5-10kg/ha applied 3-5 times during growing season. Dilute 1:100 with water.
Foliar Spray – 3-7kg/ha; dilute at least 1:200 with water.
Transplants – Dilute 1:250 with transplant water

Planting (injection) – 5-10kg/ha; pre-mix 1:2 with water

Typical Analysis

Total P – min 12%
Calcium – min 25%