Uptake Ca

Available liquid calcium for leaf and soil.

Rapidly available Calcium and Boron that prevents and corrects Calcium deficiencies.

Formulated with Boron, Amino Acids and natural chelation agents to achieve higher Calcium uptake and utilisation.

Calcium is essential for proper cell wall development. It is vital to grow consistently firm fruit and avoid diseases and storage problems.

Directions for Use

When mixed, fill spray tank half full with water and add the required amount of Uptake Elite while continuing to fill tank with water.
Continue agitation through the spray operation.
See Precautions.

Always agitate drum contents before use.

Application Rates

Horticultural Crops:
Foliar Spray: 2 – 5L/ha; repeat as required.
Irrigation: 5 – 50L/ha; repeat as required.
Minimum dilution: 1 : 100 with water.
(1 : 150 for Almonds, Avocados, Citrus)

Broad-acre Crops and Pastures:
Foliar Spray: 2-5L/ha; repeat as required.
Minimum dilution 1 : 30 with water.

Each farmer’s situation and processes and practices may differ. Adjust rates and frequency of application according to production levels.
Always test for compatibility and crop suitability prior to use. Seek advice for rates suited to your crop.

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 6.1% w/v
Phosphorus 3.0% w/v
Potassium 3.5% w/v